Friday, September 18, 2009

About to go weigh in

Well, I was supposed to weigh in Tue, but I was home laying around feeling yucky because of my period. So I am going to go today. I just thought I would get it over with. My eating hasn't been too bad this week, just had NO energy to exercise. Even skipped my bootcamp workout Tues, but I wen last night and it was great. So maybe I can get back to my exercise. I have learned that I don't lose anything if I don't exercise. So I will update my weight when I get home.

Oh has anyone seen the new Biggest Loser Wii game. I saw it on QVC this week it comes out on Oct 6th. I can't wait. Its just like being on the ranch. You get food tips and you get to work out with bob and jillian. I want it SOOO bad.


  1. I've seen the game advertised here in the UK, but it's not out until November! :-( I want that game too!!!

  2. that sounds like that would be a fun game!!!