Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I am fasting. I am drinking lots of water, some coffee, and tea, and a little juice. I did this last month and it made me feel so good, I decided to try to do it about once a month. It has been a month and yesterday was a bad day for food for me. SO I thought I would do it again for the next few days. The first time I did 3 days. I think I will do that again this time. I seemed to really feel awesome that third day. So far I feel ok. I am a little hungry, but I just drink something and say a little prayer. It is working great so far. It really seemed to help me with my horrible cravings and to break through a platue. I am really not platued right now, but have not lost because of eating badly. I am hoping to just get the junk out of my system this time.

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