Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rockin a pair of Jeans I haven't been able to get into since 2007

Yeah, I loved these jeans before and now I love them again. I haven't been able to wear them since 2007!

Yes, I was feeling frisky so I was showin you my fanny!!


  1. So cute! Mom is here with me and she wanted me to let you know she's been checking your blog but unable to comment. And if i'd stop being lazy and make her a page, she could comment.

    anywhoodle, we love the pic! your butt looks great and we have decided....the grand jury makes the anouncement, we think you look great where you are! we don't think you need to lose any more weigh b/c you look happy, healthy, and fit!~ i emailed you pics of mom w/her 19 lbs of weightloss.

  2. Well, that would be like telling you not to lose anymore. I still want to lose at least 15lbs maybe 20. I will decide after I lose the 15.

  3. That would be nothing like telling me that. I need to lose 100 lbs to be in "healthy" range and you need to lose 35, so it's not comparible. Just don't be too hard on yourself this time around.

  4. Oh I am so not. I am tired of beating myself up and have made my mind up (which I still have to remind myself of right now, but hopefully that will change with time) that I feel good, I look ok and I am not going to die if I dont get super model skinny. I just want to be back around 160. And honestly my ideal weight (BMI Scale junk) I am supposed to be around 140, so I am giving myself the extra 20lbs because I was there before and I was small to me. SO that is sortof my mental goal. I will see how I feel when I get there.