Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ugh Ugh Ugh!!! Well just wanted to check in and confess. I ate so baddddd this weekend and then thought yesterday that I would get back on and start fresh and I came home and my 9 yr old was soooo sick. I took him to the Dr and she almost put him in the hospital but she thought I could handle it because I have delt with this alot. His asthma was really flared up and and his pulse oxygen level was 93%. So she gave him a steriod and and antibiotic and told me to give him breathing treatments every 2 to 3 hrs instead of every 4. So needless to say I came home and was super stressed so I just ate, and ate, and ate. Oh well, its a new day, but I think I gained like 3 or 4lbs. Hopefully just fluid or not getting enough water or something. I am back on today and have done great. So anyway, I just had to vent how annoyed I get with myself sometimes. Thursday is my weigh-in so I guess we will see how bad the damage is then.


  1. Don't stress... tomorrow is a new day. Remember, sometimes your body needs a diet break. It's good for you both emotionally and physically.

    Remember: Look forward, not backward...