Friday, September 18, 2009


YEAH, I lost...I am at 176 now. I am trying very hard to not be totally down on myself. I want to be mad thinking that if I hadn't had all those bad days it would be more, I just keep telling myself that 19lbs is awesome and I can keep it up!!! I am also praying that the Lord will fix my screwed up mind! lol

I am also adding my measurements to the side over there, so check em out.


  1. That is good steady weight loss! Nice you put the measurements up there, that is awesome!!! Only thing I can relate to is that your hips are 43 and mine are finally down to 49. I can't wait to get down to 43. That seems so small, haha! what size jeans are you in, 12?? You are doing well compared to 190's don't ya think!!!

    Oh when is your wrap scheduled for?

  2. I already did my wrap. Yes, I think it is good steady weight loss. In fact my wonderful husband pointed out that it is an average of 1.9lbs per week which is really about all that is recommended. It amazes me sometimes how he can say just the right thing right when I need it.