Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 56 of Insanity

Well today should be my rest day, but I am gonna workout cause we are about to go on vacation and I want to make sure I get in my Monday workout. So I am gonna do it today.

So yesterday was Max Interval Circuit. And I never thought I would say this, but I am really starting to love this workout. Its tough but everytime I do it I get a little better. That shows me I have progressed wether I lost much weight or not. So I burned 592 Calories which is just pretty good if you ask me! lol

Next week will be my last fit test and I will post on here how I did. I guess I should explain the fit test a little. Ok when you first get Insanity you have a fit test to take. It is 6 differant exercises that in the beginning feel like they will kill you! But you retake it every 2 weeks throughout the program. I have gradually gotten better at the fit test. There have been a few times that when I did I would have some things really improve and some things stay the same. But I am anxious to take the last one.

Anyway, on to another subject. My mom and sister and lots of moms family will in to visit in August. Me and my sis and my Bff are gonna do a 5k together in Jonesboro. I am really looking forward to us getting to do this. I think it will be lots of fun. I am really enjoying all my running and exercise. Its funny but I have started to think that I am getting addicted to exercise. But I guess if you gotta have an addiction, exercise is a good one. I am starting to think I annoy everyone I am around cause I am always talking about health or nutrition or exercise, but I can't help it. It all facinates me. I love learning new things about what our bodies need to function. I am trying to move more towards the thinking that you should eat to FEED your body, not eat cause food is good. I like to eat still but I enjoy finding new ways cook things that are good for you!

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