Friday, July 30, 2010

Shoulder Strain....ugh

Ok remember my last post about feeling frisky and working out like crazy, well I guess I was a little too crazy. I strained my shoulder and have been having to take off from the weights and workouts until it is better. It is a little better today and I think I am gonna just start my recovery week early cause I don;t think the stretching stuff will hurt it. But everything is going great besides that. I have eaten pizza a few times when I wish I hadn't but I still didn't do too bad on calories. So anyway, just wanted to update you guys! Hopefully my shoulder will be all healed up and feeling better soon.

Oh but on a happy note, I HAD to buy a new bathing suit. Mine old one was a tankini (?) and was a large. I was swimming with the kids the other day and had and insident so to speak. And my oldest son was like "uh mom you really need a smaller bathing suit...yuck". So yeah, a boobie fell out..Oh well he is my kid, its not like he hadn't seen it before, but he definantly didn't want to see I went and got a new one yesterday and guess what size I got...Yeah...The top is an 8and the bottoms are a 10...I was super excited!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fat Vs Muscle

I just found this picture and it helped me so much! I have always struggled with the scale and I want this picture on here so I can see it alot and always the muscle is way better looking than fat.

If I could pat myself on the back....

Ok guys well the last few days I have done great and worried about what I would do this week when VBS got here. There are always a ton of homemade wonderful treats that I really struggle to stay away from. But last night was our first night and I was so proud of myself. I made tuna sandwiches on wheat and brownies. I took my stuff over there and I was so glad to see someone had brought apple slices. So ALL I ate was 1 tuna sandwich and about the equivilant of 1 1/2 apples. I came home so proud of myself for not going crazy and eating all the junk. We are having pizza on Wed night so I am saving all my cheats for that one meal (cause I love me some pizza).

So yesterdays workout was CLX Burn 1 and Insanity Pure Cardio. I am getting like Pure Cardio more and more cause I know month 2 is SOOO anyway it was a great workout and I think I have said this before but I love CLX. It makes me feel so strong when I am done!

Todays workout is done too so I will tell you about it. Today was cardio abs and CP&R. I don't love moving push-ups, but once again the fact that I can do like 15 in a row before I need a rest makes me feel super strong.

Oh and I just found out Shaun T has released a new Insanity workout. Its called Fast and Furious. Its a crazy 20 minute workout that is supposed to be the most insane yet. Sadly it is looking like the only way to get it right now is to be ordering the whole set and they give it as a bonus. I will keep my ears open and will let you know as if that changes..

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday...humm...a Good Day...

Today was great. I got my lovely monthly visit 3 days early and with no warning..which doesn't sound like the beginning of a good day, but it really was. The first thing I have to tell that has nothing to do with that my husband told me about 12 years ago...Was that he loved me but the one thing he would never do is buy me pads or tampons...hehehe. I know every man at some point has probaby said this I would never ask and have never ask. But yesterday I woke up amd I was cramping and my back was hurting so bad. The worst part of this whole story is that the hurting and stuff is not normal for me. I have never really cramped much or had any symptoms except swelling and water retention. So anyway the past few months I have been cramping and having back aches and everything else. Its yucky. So back to the point of this

I wake up and surprise I have my period and all the fun that I just talked about. I walk out of the bedroom and he says that I don't look like I feel good, whats wrong. So I tell him. I go in the bathroom and realize I am nearly out of necessaties..He says, do you want me to run to the store and get you some....I thought I would fall out in the floor. I was like REALLY, I mean SERIOUSLY... He said yes, I can tell you don't feel like getting out and I love you! How sweet is that?? I mean do I not have the BEST husband in the entire world??

So as far as food went I had a good day there too. Here is how it went.

M1: 3tsp coffee mate, 1 c multigrain cheerios, 1 c almond milk
M2: 1c almond milk, 1 TBSP Natural PB, Shakeology
M3: 1 Tuna pouch, 10 almonds, 1 TBSP onions
M4: 2 boiled eggs
M5: 3c lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs, 3 TBSP Light ranch, 1/2 a medium avacado(YUMMY)

Calories: 1296 Protein: 77 Carbs: 91

So anyway it went great. I did CLX Burn It Off and Recharge. Burn It Off was nice, it is circuits of 5 exercises for 1 minutes each then a 1 minutes rest and 6 more exercises. Then recharge was a really good yoga type stretch. It was nice.

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse to get back to WORK

Ok I finished up my cleanse and feel great, but I sortof skipped out on yesterdays workout just because I had gotten out of the habit I think. So today was back to WORK. I got in CLX Burn It Off and Recharge. Which I must say recharge is nice cause I am having my monthly visit a little early and unexpected so all the stretching and yoga was great. And I really like her Burn It Off. Sort of short and to the point! Its like 25 minutes but really intense. Now its not really Shaun T intense but it is good.

So last night I let myself have a cheat meal. It was nice after the cleanse to eat something I really liked. I made tacos. Basically ate good stuff except the taco shells, just ate too much. Anyway its all good and I have to do that some. Sometimes its unintentional and that is when I usually feel bad, but this was planned. It was what I wanted so its what I hope all are doing well! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cleanse Day 2

Ok well I will admit right up front, I can't seem to do this cleanse AND workout! I had intended to at least do one of my recovery day workouts, but I just feel kinda tired, and oh the headache I have had. I truely think it is my body in shock from not having the junk that I had over the weekend! But anyway today was great as far as food. I did have one little cheat, but it was little and I will detail it in my food in a minute. I think from what I have heard, tomorrow I will start to feel energized. If so maybe I can get my workout in tomorrow.

So todays food:

M1: Shakeology, coffee
M2: Peach, green tea
M3: Shakeology, 1/2c canteloupe (which is allowed, so this isn't a cheat.hehe)
M4: Shakeology
M5: 3c lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 3 eggs, 3 TBSP ranch
CHEAT: 4 bites of hamburger helper I made the family for dinner :-(

Anyway so this is it!

Have a great Thursday tomorrow guys!!

Keep Pushing Play!


New Day For Sure

Ok Yesterday was another good one. I would say that I am close to back to normal..If I ever was normal..hehe..So I didn't workout yesterday, but I did my Shakeology cleanse perfect, with the addition of a couple of peices of extra fruit. So overall it was great. But I had realized that when I had tryed it before I was working out pretty hard every day and I was rereading all the info on it yesterday and you are supposed to be do LIGHT exercise. So i think today I am gonna do my CLX workout, and add in her recovery workout to lighten things up a bit. No insanity. I am getting close to month 2 exercises and I already dread them. I have been doing doubles, as in doing Insanity along with CLX almost everyday. So I decided when I do month 2 that is gonna be like 2 hrs a day of working which is a bit much, plus, month 2 insanity workouts are killers. And I always felt totally exhausted after doing them. SO I have come up with a hybrid, where I will do CLX 3 days a week and Insanity 3 days a week with a rest day. So that is my plan, if I have a day where I am feeling extra energized I will maybe do both, but otherwise this is my plan. I will update my thing over to the side with my schedule in it later.

So yesterdays food went like this:

M1: Shakeology, coffee
M2: Peach, green tea
M3: Shakeology, canteloupe
M4: Shakeology, peach, green tea
M5: 3c Lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 8 slices turkey, 2 eggs, 1/4c feta cheese, 2 TBSP jalepeno ranch....And can I say YUMMMM...This was like the biggest best salad ever.

So today I was down 3lbs, but before I look as though I am bragging, I had gained some over the weekend, so I am really just trying to get back to where I was a week ago. I hate this back and forth thing, but it happens and we move on. That is all I can do!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Down Down Down.....

Well today has not been bad, but it hasn't been good either. Or at least it didn't start out good. I have been feeling horribly overwhelmed lately and its an odd overwhelmed. Like the kind I can't talk about with ANYONE or explain. I started out over the weekend worried about my BFF who is struggling. I love her very much and it tears me up for her to be having any kind of problem cause she is just a completly happy. So I was really concerned for her. Then I had a really bad food weekend, and I mean eat everything in the house weekend. I actually felt so bad Sunday I only got on the computer for like 15 minutes and then I was like "forget this I don;t want to interact with anyone in anyway". So I just sortof moped. I know it sound terrible and I guess it is but I just hate when I feel this way, kinda a cross between angry and downright depressed. And I really can't pinpoint the cause of it. Just miserable feeling. So as far as workouts go I skipped Sat and Sunday was my rest day anyway. So I did no workouts. I didn't even want to go to church Sunday, but I did. I just didn't want to see or talk to ANYONE.

So today I get up and its really no better. So I do my workout, my CLX workout anyway. Then I made plans with a friend to go to a movie this afternoon. And believe it or not it seemed to help a little. I still don't feel 100% normal, but I feel a lot better. After the movie I came home and me and my hubby and little girl went to Subway for dinner in "chigger" (which is my husbands 46 Ford Pickup that is like one of our kids). I really enjoyed this time with him and just Cheyanne.

So anyway, this morning i ate great then this afternoon I had movie theater popcorn and a personal pizza for dinner. But I didn't go too far over my calories. So Overally I don't feel bad about my day, I needed it, and I enjoyed the afternoon anyway.

I think my calories were 1552, 79g protien, 158g carbs...So overall not bad, but def not the right foods. But tomorrow is a new day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey guys, I am doing great today..Hope you are too!

Yesterday was the first day for CLX and Insanity together. I am a little sore this morning but not too bad. Thinking it is a good thing! I also really messed up my first try on the Shakeology cleanse so I am trying again. I started back yesterday and did great! Here is my food:

M1: 2 eggs, 1 egg white, 1 wheat toast
M2: 24 almonds
M3: Shakeology, orange
M4: Shakeology, small salad with tomatoes
M5: Shakeology, 12 almonds

I had decided around lunch time that I wanted to try again, that is why I had eaten a normal breakfast. Gonna try and do it PERFECT today and tomorrow and see what happens.:grin:

Well, todays CLX was really good, about 30 minutes, and she has you do HEAVY weights. I have never seen her theory before but I like it! She says that the light weight low reps is just not true. She claims that women do not have the testosterone to really BULK up and that you would have to eat tons of calories to bulk up big time. So basically she says to lift the heaviest weight you can for 10 reps. Your goal is to lift at least 10 reps, then have true muscle failure. So be at the point were you CAN'T lift the wieght again. Really neat. One thing is for sure I am gonna have to get some heavier weights. The heaviest I have are 10's and I need some 8's and 12-15's. Anyway, thinking I am really gonna like this. I like her personality. She just seems REAL! Anyway, that is just a brief summary of my opinion on Burn Circuit 1. She combines all the upper body moves with lower body moves, like squats with shoulder fly's and such. And my shoulders are def sore today!

Hope you are all having a great week! Happy Tuesday and KEEP PUSHING PLAY!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Blahhhh Blahhhh Blahhhh

Ok guys its confession time!! Yesterday I was doing the Shakeology cleanse and I had a major lapse in

Basically I woke up feeling like crap..My husband was in a yucky mood, which those you who are married know that sortof rubs off. So from the get go I was not in the mood to track anything or cook or anything else. So I did ok at breakfast, then lunch wasn't horrible, I made a pork loin, so I had that, but I did eat some potatoes, not much though and a crescant roll. Had my 3pm or so Shakeology snack and a few almonds, so far not too bad, right?? Well I guess when I mess up I mess up right!! So anyway after church I was so tired and not in the mood to fix anything. So I made grilled cheese sandwiches, and I don't know what it is about a STUPID FREAKIN grilled cheese, but I have NO NO NO NO self control. So I had 2 with wheat bread and 2% cheese, still not horrible, but then I ate half of one my son didn't eat on white bread, ughughughughugh...So then I ate ANOTHER FREAKIN one on white bread! I am so crazyyyyyy.....Oh and did I mention the pita chips and hummus I snacked on while I cooked...Yeah it was one of THOSE nights! So anyway, not gonna list my food diary like normal cause I am embarrassed enough, but I will say that I DID track every bite! And my totals were...........................................................................................................................Wait for it.................................................................................................2322 Calories 125g Protein 251g CARBS......Anyway, what did I learn??? If anything??? NEVER, I repeat NEVER try another Shakeology Cleanse on a weekend when my hubby is around and I have to cook 3 meals a day!!!!

I do plan to try it again some time, but I may wait until August when the kids go back to school, cause then I would only be cooking once a day and they wouldn't be here all day for me to get so frustrated with them over average normal everyday stuff. No need to torture them just so I can lose my ladt few pounds..

Oh and did I mention, I didn't work out either...Just a big loser yesterday, and not the kind of LOSER I want to

Have a great Monday all and thanks for letting me vent here!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse........

Yesterdays food....Ok I am doing the Shakeolog Cleanse... The beachbody people say that doing this cleanse can help you break a plateau and stuff. It also is supposed to help with your cravings. It has lots of benefits, but the one I was wanting was to get out of the stupid 160's, at leasr under 164...I am starting to think 164 is the lowest I will ever get, and I will tell you that does NOT make me happy! So here it is...

M1: Shakeology
M2: banana
M3: Shakeology
M4: Large salad, with let, tom, and chicken
M5: Shakeology

and my workout was pure cardio, which I didn't do to great on, but oh well..I was tired and worn out so I will do better today!

I will say I am a little discusted this morning. I got up and weighed and haven't lost anything yet, maybe day 2 will be better.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Todays Food

M1: 1 scoop whey protein, greek yogurt, almond milk
M2: Accelerade, banana
M3: 2 TBSP Light ranch, 2c lettuce, 1/4 light feta cheese, 1 large tomato, 6 slices of ham
M4: 2 TBSP natural PB, apple
M5: Shakeology, 1TBSP natural PB, 1c almond milk

Total: 1413 Calories, 94g protein, 134g carbs

Got my Shakeology in today and OMG it is so good!!! I love it so much already. Now just hoping that it makes me feel as great as it says it will!

Today went really well. Did my CP&R and burned 447 calories. Felt great! I am getting so much better at the push-up/squat hops...Actually am starting to LIKE them.........I know that almost feels like a cuse Anyway I am waiting for my CheLEAN Extreme to get here and then I am gonna add it to my Insanity schedule...Hope it arrives soon...

Good Morning Folks! Happy Friday!

Well guys to is gonna be CP&R. I got up this morning and am soooo sore...You would think after completing a round of Insanity I would be able to fly through these workout with no trouble. What I have found is that with this my 2nd time around I am pushing harder! So I am making my body do things this time that it didn't last time. To me this is great news, it makes me believe that I can get even better results on th 2nd time around. And I can't wait to start adding in ChaleanX. But as sore as I am I am kinda glad that I a having to wait a little I can get over some of the soreness before I start it.

Well, I hope you all have a great Friday!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

food food food...yuuummmm

My food was good again today!

M1: Coffee, 1 banana
M2: 3 egg whites, 1 2% cheese, 2 slices wheat
M3: 2TBSP Natural PB, apple
M4: Mini babybel cheese, tuna pouch, 1 tea light miracle whip, 1 celery stalk, 1 egg, 5 grape tomatoes, 1 wheat toast
M5: 2 eggs, 2 wheat toast, 2% cheese, yogurt

Total: 1299 Calories, 95g protein, 142 carbs

Insane Abs

Just finished up Insane Abs..Burned 269 Calories. Not to shabby for a more laid back workout (in comparison to all other Insanity workouts). Now going to enjoy the rest of rest day by taking it easy!! :)


Well yesterday was awesome!! My food was so great and I burned 1177 calories working out. If you noticed I had missed my Tuesday workout which was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Well, Pure Cardio is exactly that. It is not circuits, it is just crazy! But I made my mind up that this round I was not missing a single workout! So Whe I got up yesterday I immediatly decided I was getting them all in, if it killed me. It was so awesome. So I did Pure Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs back to back, which is something I could not do before. Then in the afternoon I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit which is a killer for sure. But I got them all in and felt great about it. The one thing I have noticed about myself is that on the days I work out I am less hungry then the days I don't. I don't know if its mental or what, but I just don't seem to need to eat as much. So yesterdays food went like this...

M1: 1 egg, 4 egg whites, 2% cheese, onions and peppers, low carb multigrain tortilla, 1tsp hot sauce
M2: Accelerade, crystal light packet
M3: 1/2c almond milk, vanilla greek yogurt, 1 scoop protein powder
M4: 100 calorie cheese pack, 2TBSP natural PB, 2 slice of wheat toast, 1/2 a banana
M5: Starkist tuna-to-go, 100 cal pack of cheese, 5 grape tomatoes

Totals: 1497 Calories 122g protein 143g carbs

So I was did great today! Actually had to make myself eat that last meal, just wasn't hungry.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Expectations! This helped me so much!

This is a breif overview of what a persons body goes through during weight loss. I was so happy when I found this because I am in phase 5 and stay constantly frustrated at my body.

"Phase 1. The start of a brand new day! (or week, or month, or year)
Expectations are sky high, usually so is motivation and intentions. This is where most people lose the most weight. At the start it's not uncommon to see 4 to 8 lb losses per week. The reasons for this are mostly (sorry to disappoint) water weight. You drop excess water quickly, and you can have up to 5 lbs of water weight. The next biggest reason is the fat that is right next to the blood vessels, the stuff that you put on in the last month or three, it will melt like butter usually.

Phase 2. Reality setting in.
At about week 3 to a month or so, people suddenly realize that they are no longer dropping 8, 6, or even 4 lbs a week. This is a crutial phase in your journey. Expect this, it is natural. You have shocked your body by changing both eating habits and exercise routine. Now it has had a little while to become used to the new lifestyle, it's going to compensate. Your body still doesn't believe it's permenant yet, so it will still try to store some fat, so now that it knows how to regulate it's new metabolic levels, it tryies to store fat in earnest. It's not uncommon for people to hit a wall here, no loss for weeks. Expect this as well.

Phase 3. The routine.
At about 2 months or so, your routine is pretty much set, your body is beginning to believe that you really want to STAY the way you are going now. You will start to see more consistant (but lower, usually 1 to 2 lbs a week) loss, also, you should start seeing some muscle tone (depending on how much you had to lose in the first place). If you stop to think, you should realize that you have improved dramatically in your exercise levels. If you do cardio, you should notice how much longer and harder you can work. This is important to realize as it is just as big of an indicator as weight loss. Also, by now you may notice that your clothes no longer fit right. This is also very important. The weight may not be falling off anymore, but you are becomming a smaller person. Weight is arbitrary, if you are building muscle (which your body is doing at a furious pace by now) you won't notice huge losses, but you will notice wholesale changes in the mirror!

Phase 4. Really digging in.
This is where the second wall can happen. You're probably at between 3 and 4 months by now, and if you have gone this far, you feel like you have already suceeded. This is where many people stumble. they are tired of the routine, tired of eating different things from all their friends, limiting their alcohol intake. Basically the shine has worn off. this is when your really need to plant your feet. Maybe change up your exercise routine, make a concentrated effort to find different, but still nutritional food. Talk to people. And examine how far you have come. At this point, no matter how much external motivation you receive, it's all about believing in yourself!

Phase 5. End game.
5 or 6 months in you are probably working on that "last 10 pounds". This can be discouraging for many as it is a slow burn. Remember, your body probably feels like it is where it needs to be, your brain might think you need to lose 10 more, but your body is quite proud of itself now, it feels like it has "Done enough" and it wants to stay RIGHT HERE. The body LIKES to have a little fat around just in case, especially for the ladies (sorry girls, it's just human physiology). If you feel like you still need to lose it, prepare yourself for some guerrila warfare against your body. Design an exercise regimen that is very dynamic, forget the "same thing every day". Make a plan that challenges you both physically and mentally. Make sure you give yourself a day off here and there to just veg. And by all means, remember, muscle burns fat at rest. So get some weight or resistance training involved.
The last 10 may take 3 to 6 months to lose. I know nobody wants to hear that, but it's true. And forget the idea of increasing your calorie deficite, healthy bodies need good nutrition, your body no longer has the fat reserves to handle the large deficites you could when you were 30 40 or 50 pounds overweight. Better to make it a 3 or 400 calorie deficite (NET, please count your exercise calories too!). It may take a bit longer, but your body will like you for it. Plus it feeds those new muscles and keeps them burning fat, keeps your skin healthy (elasticity is important when you want those places that were stretched out to "snap back") and keeps you from getting head aches and depressed.


this is what I have learned, not just from my journey, but from others as well on here. It saddens me sometimes to see people hit one of these stages and not recognize it for what it is, a part of the process. If we all can have realistic expectations, then we are more prone to win the fight and stay healthy in the long run. Note that some people will hit these stages harder then others, some may take longer, but for the most part, this is the rule that the exceptions will come from." Copied from myfitnesspal forum by banks1850.

Yesterday :(

I guess I just proved to myself that I am so not perfect! Yesterday I tracked my food all day and did good...until dinner...ugh..Well needless to say I made tacos and ate way too much and was asshamed to track it. So I am owning my booboo and moving on! I didn't work out either, but I am making up my missed workouts today. Already did yesterdays missed workouts and I will do today's a little later. Thought I should eat a little something for fuel before. So Anyway, I am not calling it a lapse, just a cheat and I did enjoy it. lol.

Oh and I ordered Shakeology and I can't wait for it to come in. I will let you guys know how I like it and if it does all it claims too!!

Anyway, anyone reading this...KEEP PUSHING PLAY!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Todays Calories

Well, today went pretty well. Went over a little but not too bad, and it was good healty food.

M1: 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, slice 2% cheese, bell peppers, onions, 10 grape tomatoes
M2: Accelerade
M3: 1c Almond milk, 1 scoop whey protein, 1 banana, 3/4c peaches, pinch cinnamon
M4: 1c Almond milk, 1 scoop choc protein, 1 TBSP natural Peanut butter
M5: 10 grape tomatoes, 8 pieces celery, 2 TBSP Litehouse Ranch, 1 Kraft 100 calorie pack of cheese, 14 Pita chips, 3 TBSP hummus.

Totals: 1607 Calories, 102g protein, 148g carbs

Just had healty snack foods for dinner. Was so good! Oh and today was Max recovery workout. Sortof like a cross between yoga and stretch, and some mild cardio. So not as many calories burned. But it was def a good day!!

God Bless!
And Keep Pushing Play!

New Beachbody Coach

Hey just wanted to let you guys know that i have offically signed up to be a beachbody coach. If you are interested in any products or have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Ok guys I don't normally do this but when I saw this on the plate, I couldn't help but take a picture. It looked so pretty...

So this is 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, bell pepper, onion, 1 slice of 2% cheese, and 5 grape tomatoes...So Good...And I like my eggs well done...This was 296 calories, 30g protein, and 17g carbs

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sundays food.

Today was pretty good. Not quite as clean but I did good and within my calories.

M1: 2 double fiber wheat toast, 2 tbls peanut butter
M2: 2 servings pita chips, 2 tbsp hummus
M3: 1 serving accelerade (recovery drink)
M4: 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2c strawberry, 1/2c pineapple, 1c almond milk, 1c kroger carbmaster strawberry yogurt
M5: 2oz of chicken fried steak, 1/2c mashed potatoes(made with 1/4c light marg, and skim milk), 2 large tomatoes, 2 small slices onion, 6 tbsl macaroni and cheese, 1c canteloupe

For a total of 1543 calories, 73g protein, 200g carbs

Not quite enough protien, and a litte more carbs than I normally like. But it was good overall. I had a little of things I liked without going crazy. This was a good day. And did I mention I burned 648 calories working out!!!! Holla...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Before and After Insanity

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A New day!

Well, I have finished up round one of Insanity. I have had a couple of weeks of bad eating and not as much working out. Today was a new start to my diet and exercise. I am gonna start posting my food on here to help keep me accountable. I started month 1 of Insanity again today and am gonna do at least the first month again until I get my Turbo Fire workout in.

So today was Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I did great. I was so impressed with how well I did it. My food was great also. I meant to eat a few more calories, but I its ok. I need to get groceries, so I didn;t have alot of good food to eat. SO I just made due. I may run to the store tonight. Not sure.

But here is my food for today:

M1: 2 eggs, 10 bell pepper strips, 1 slice ff american cheese
M2: Chocolate Protien Shake w/ iced coffee
M3: apple, 1 tbsp peanut butter
M4: Dannon Greek Yogurt, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 c frozen strawberries, 1 tea cinnamon
M5: 3oz tuna, bell pepper strips, 4 egg whites, 1 c lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 1 tbls ranch, 1 slice double fiber wheat bread, 1 c steamed broccoli

Total: 1249 calories, 136 g protein, 118 g carbs

Alright guys....KEEP PUSHING PLAY!