Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cleanse Day 2

Ok well I will admit right up front, I can't seem to do this cleanse AND workout! I had intended to at least do one of my recovery day workouts, but I just feel kinda tired, and oh the headache I have had. I truely think it is my body in shock from not having the junk that I had over the weekend! But anyway today was great as far as food. I did have one little cheat, but it was little and I will detail it in my food in a minute. I think from what I have heard, tomorrow I will start to feel energized. If so maybe I can get my workout in tomorrow.

So todays food:

M1: Shakeology, coffee
M2: Peach, green tea
M3: Shakeology, 1/2c canteloupe (which is allowed, so this isn't a cheat.hehe)
M4: Shakeology
M5: 3c lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 3 eggs, 3 TBSP ranch
CHEAT: 4 bites of hamburger helper I made the family for dinner :-(

Anyway so this is it!

Have a great Thursday tomorrow guys!!

Keep Pushing Play!


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