Monday, July 19, 2010

Down Down Down.....

Well today has not been bad, but it hasn't been good either. Or at least it didn't start out good. I have been feeling horribly overwhelmed lately and its an odd overwhelmed. Like the kind I can't talk about with ANYONE or explain. I started out over the weekend worried about my BFF who is struggling. I love her very much and it tears me up for her to be having any kind of problem cause she is just a completly happy. So I was really concerned for her. Then I had a really bad food weekend, and I mean eat everything in the house weekend. I actually felt so bad Sunday I only got on the computer for like 15 minutes and then I was like "forget this I don;t want to interact with anyone in anyway". So I just sortof moped. I know it sound terrible and I guess it is but I just hate when I feel this way, kinda a cross between angry and downright depressed. And I really can't pinpoint the cause of it. Just miserable feeling. So as far as workouts go I skipped Sat and Sunday was my rest day anyway. So I did no workouts. I didn't even want to go to church Sunday, but I did. I just didn't want to see or talk to ANYONE.

So today I get up and its really no better. So I do my workout, my CLX workout anyway. Then I made plans with a friend to go to a movie this afternoon. And believe it or not it seemed to help a little. I still don't feel 100% normal, but I feel a lot better. After the movie I came home and me and my hubby and little girl went to Subway for dinner in "chigger" (which is my husbands 46 Ford Pickup that is like one of our kids). I really enjoyed this time with him and just Cheyanne.

So anyway, this morning i ate great then this afternoon I had movie theater popcorn and a personal pizza for dinner. But I didn't go too far over my calories. So Overally I don't feel bad about my day, I needed it, and I enjoyed the afternoon anyway.

I think my calories were 1552, 79g protien, 158g carbs...So overall not bad, but def not the right foods. But tomorrow is a new day!