Friday, July 9, 2010


Todays Food

M1: 1 scoop whey protein, greek yogurt, almond milk
M2: Accelerade, banana
M3: 2 TBSP Light ranch, 2c lettuce, 1/4 light feta cheese, 1 large tomato, 6 slices of ham
M4: 2 TBSP natural PB, apple
M5: Shakeology, 1TBSP natural PB, 1c almond milk

Total: 1413 Calories, 94g protein, 134g carbs

Got my Shakeology in today and OMG it is so good!!! I love it so much already. Now just hoping that it makes me feel as great as it says it will!

Today went really well. Did my CP&R and burned 447 calories. Felt great! I am getting so much better at the push-up/squat hops...Actually am starting to LIKE them.........I know that almost feels like a cuse Anyway I am waiting for my CheLEAN Extreme to get here and then I am gonna add it to my Insanity schedule...Hope it arrives soon...

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