Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hey guys, I am doing great today..Hope you are too!

Yesterday was the first day for CLX and Insanity together. I am a little sore this morning but not too bad. Thinking it is a good thing! I also really messed up my first try on the Shakeology cleanse so I am trying again. I started back yesterday and did great! Here is my food:

M1: 2 eggs, 1 egg white, 1 wheat toast
M2: 24 almonds
M3: Shakeology, orange
M4: Shakeology, small salad with tomatoes
M5: Shakeology, 12 almonds

I had decided around lunch time that I wanted to try again, that is why I had eaten a normal breakfast. Gonna try and do it PERFECT today and tomorrow and see what happens.:grin:

Well, todays CLX was really good, about 30 minutes, and she has you do HEAVY weights. I have never seen her theory before but I like it! She says that the light weight low reps is just not true. She claims that women do not have the testosterone to really BULK up and that you would have to eat tons of calories to bulk up big time. So basically she says to lift the heaviest weight you can for 10 reps. Your goal is to lift at least 10 reps, then have true muscle failure. So be at the point were you CAN'T lift the wieght again. Really neat. One thing is for sure I am gonna have to get some heavier weights. The heaviest I have are 10's and I need some 8's and 12-15's. Anyway, thinking I am really gonna like this. I like her personality. She just seems REAL! Anyway, that is just a brief summary of my opinion on Burn Circuit 1. She combines all the upper body moves with lower body moves, like squats with shoulder fly's and such. And my shoulders are def sore today!

Hope you are all having a great week! Happy Tuesday and KEEP PUSHING PLAY!!


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  1. Awesome! I like Chalene too... I need heavier weights as well. I'll probably just wait until I see what I'm going to do next...

    Good luck on the cleanse!!! You can do it! (Just don't make grilled cheese!!! LOL)