Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If I could pat myself on the back....

Ok guys well the last few days I have done great and worried about what I would do this week when VBS got here. There are always a ton of homemade wonderful treats that I really struggle to stay away from. But last night was our first night and I was so proud of myself. I made tuna sandwiches on wheat and brownies. I took my stuff over there and I was so glad to see someone had brought apple slices. So ALL I ate was 1 tuna sandwich and about the equivilant of 1 1/2 apples. I came home so proud of myself for not going crazy and eating all the junk. We are having pizza on Wed night so I am saving all my cheats for that one meal (cause I love me some pizza).

So yesterdays workout was CLX Burn 1 and Insanity Pure Cardio. I am getting like Pure Cardio more and more cause I know month 2 is SOOO close..lol..So anyway it was a great workout and I think I have said this before but I love CLX. It makes me feel so strong when I am done!

Todays workout is done too so I will tell you about it. Today was cardio abs and CP&R. I don't love moving push-ups, but once again the fact that I can do like 15 in a row before I need a rest makes me feel super strong.

Oh and I just found out Shaun T has released a new Insanity workout. Its called Fast and Furious. Its a crazy 20 minute workout that is supposed to be the most insane yet. Sadly it is looking like the only way to get it right now is to be ordering the whole set and they give it as a bonus. I will keep my ears open and will let you know as if that changes..

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Good for you! Glad to see you are stayin' steady!

  2. Yay Jenn!!! Good for you girl! I'm bummed that I can't get Shaun T's new bonus workout though. That sucks! They could make so much more money if they allowed everyone to get it!

    Glad you like CLX... I've decided to do P90X after this round of Insanity (which by the way is killing me! I hate the recovery week!)

  3. I know, I hate recovery week too! I am gonna be recovery next week! And I agree on the beachbody thing. It has something to do with a coach special thing. I think they will eventually make it available to all.