Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Day For Sure

Ok Yesterday was another good one. I would say that I am close to back to normal..If I ever was normal..hehe..So I didn't workout yesterday, but I did my Shakeology cleanse perfect, with the addition of a couple of peices of extra fruit. So overall it was great. But I had realized that when I had tryed it before I was working out pretty hard every day and I was rereading all the info on it yesterday and you are supposed to be do LIGHT exercise. So i think today I am gonna do my CLX workout, and add in her recovery workout to lighten things up a bit. No insanity. I am getting close to month 2 exercises and I already dread them. I have been doing doubles, as in doing Insanity along with CLX almost everyday. So I decided when I do month 2 that is gonna be like 2 hrs a day of working which is a bit much, plus, month 2 insanity workouts are killers. And I always felt totally exhausted after doing them. SO I have come up with a hybrid, where I will do CLX 3 days a week and Insanity 3 days a week with a rest day. So that is my plan, if I have a day where I am feeling extra energized I will maybe do both, but otherwise this is my plan. I will update my thing over to the side with my schedule in it later.

So yesterdays food went like this:

M1: Shakeology, coffee
M2: Peach, green tea
M3: Shakeology, canteloupe
M4: Shakeology, peach, green tea
M5: 3c Lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 8 slices turkey, 2 eggs, 1/4c feta cheese, 2 TBSP jalepeno ranch....And can I say YUMMMM...This was like the biggest best salad ever.

So today I was down 3lbs, but before I look as though I am bragging, I had gained some over the weekend, so I am really just trying to get back to where I was a week ago. I hate this back and forth thing, but it happens and we move on. That is all I can do!

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  1. Keep digging girl! The hybrid workouts for month 2 sound good. As soon as I know what I'm doing come September, I'll probably be doing some sort of hybrid as well. Can't completely part with Shaun T!!!