Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday...humm...a Good Day...

Today was great. I got my lovely monthly visit 3 days early and with no warning..which doesn't sound like the beginning of a good day, but it really was. The first thing I have to tell that has nothing to do with that my husband told me about 12 years ago...Was that he loved me but the one thing he would never do is buy me pads or tampons...hehehe. I know every man at some point has probaby said this I would never ask and have never ask. But yesterday I woke up amd I was cramping and my back was hurting so bad. The worst part of this whole story is that the hurting and stuff is not normal for me. I have never really cramped much or had any symptoms except swelling and water retention. So anyway the past few months I have been cramping and having back aches and everything else. Its yucky. So back to the point of this

I wake up and surprise I have my period and all the fun that I just talked about. I walk out of the bedroom and he says that I don't look like I feel good, whats wrong. So I tell him. I go in the bathroom and realize I am nearly out of necessaties..He says, do you want me to run to the store and get you some....I thought I would fall out in the floor. I was like REALLY, I mean SERIOUSLY... He said yes, I can tell you don't feel like getting out and I love you! How sweet is that?? I mean do I not have the BEST husband in the entire world??

So as far as food went I had a good day there too. Here is how it went.

M1: 3tsp coffee mate, 1 c multigrain cheerios, 1 c almond milk
M2: 1c almond milk, 1 TBSP Natural PB, Shakeology
M3: 1 Tuna pouch, 10 almonds, 1 TBSP onions
M4: 2 boiled eggs
M5: 3c lettuce, 10 grape tomatoes, 2 boiled eggs, 3 TBSP Light ranch, 1/2 a medium avacado(YUMMY)

Calories: 1296 Protein: 77 Carbs: 91

So anyway it went great. I did CLX Burn It Off and Recharge. Burn It Off was nice, it is circuits of 5 exercises for 1 minutes each then a 1 minutes rest and 6 more exercises. Then recharge was a really good yoga type stretch. It was nice.

Have a great day!

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  1. Such a sweet hubby!!! I've made mine make tampon runs... And it usually involves a phone call while at the store as he's staring at all them and has no clue which ones i want. Lmbo.