Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse to get back to WORK

Ok I finished up my cleanse and feel great, but I sortof skipped out on yesterdays workout just because I had gotten out of the habit I think. So today was back to WORK. I got in CLX Burn It Off and Recharge. Which I must say recharge is nice cause I am having my monthly visit a little early and unexpected so all the stretching and yoga was great. And I really like her Burn It Off. Sort of short and to the point! Its like 25 minutes but really intense. Now its not really Shaun T intense but it is good.

So last night I let myself have a cheat meal. It was nice after the cleanse to eat something I really liked. I made tacos. Basically ate good stuff except the taco shells, just ate too much. Anyway its all good and I have to do that some. Sometimes its unintentional and that is when I usually feel bad, but this was planned. It was what I wanted so its what I hope all are doing well! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I cheated last night too... Ordered sicilan pizza... MY FAVORITE! I swear I could've eated half the freakin pie. LOL.. But I stopped myself... Can be bad... but NOT THAT BAD!!! :)