Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shakeology Cleanse........

Yesterdays food....Ok I am doing the Shakeolog Cleanse... The beachbody people say that doing this cleanse can help you break a plateau and stuff. It also is supposed to help with your cravings. It has lots of benefits, but the one I was wanting was to get out of the stupid 160's, at leasr under 164...I am starting to think 164 is the lowest I will ever get, and I will tell you that does NOT make me happy! So here it is...

M1: Shakeology
M2: banana
M3: Shakeology
M4: Large salad, with let, tom, and chicken
M5: Shakeology

and my workout was pure cardio, which I didn't do to great on, but oh well..I was tired and worn out so I will do better today!

I will say I am a little discusted this morning. I got up and weighed and haven't lost anything yet, maybe day 2 will be better.


  1. Good Luck girl! You can do this!

  2. I don't know of I can or not! I feel so down and tired. Hope this passes soon!