Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yesterday :(

I guess I just proved to myself that I am so not perfect! Yesterday I tracked my food all day and did good...until dinner...ugh..Well needless to say I made tacos and ate way too much and was asshamed to track it. So I am owning my booboo and moving on! I didn't work out either, but I am making up my missed workouts today. Already did yesterdays missed workouts and I will do today's a little later. Thought I should eat a little something for fuel before. So Anyway, I am not calling it a lapse, just a cheat and I did enjoy it. lol.

Oh and I ordered Shakeology and I can't wait for it to come in. I will let you guys know how I like it and if it does all it claims too!!

Anyway, anyone reading this...KEEP PUSHING PLAY!


  1. What's Shakeology?? And you SHOULD track those booboos Missy!!!

  2. Check out my website and it will tell u all about it!