Friday, August 6, 2010


Ok guys you have to help keep me working out. I had a few lazy days this week and I was really mad at myself about it. But I decided I was gonna have to try to be they type to work out early because I have too many things that get in the way later in the day. SO the last 2 days I have gotten up at 6am and got my workout in. It is hard for me to get awake, but at the same time once I do I feel so good, because its done, I don;t have to worry about it all day long or try to figure out where I am gonna fit it in. So anyway, so far so good.

Today was CLX Burn 3. I really like all the weight training. Oh and I think I forgot to tell you guys, I broke my plateau, finally. I am now at 163. Which makes extremely happy.

Tomorrow morning i will be staying with some family and i have been worried about how I will get in a workout. But I am thinking I may just get up at 6am and run. That way I would get in some cardio, but wouldn't have tp drag anything with me. So I guess that is the plan. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am attending my grandpa's 80th birthday party along with a big family reunion. I am really excited to see all these new people.

Ok well I am outta here so you guys have a great weekend!


  1. Yay on breaking the plateau!!!

    I'm starting to hit a mental wall too in getting my butt out of bed to workout. I do... but it's becoming increasingly harder. LOL. Just always remember how great it feels afterwards... that and guilt yourself into pushing play! Works for me... so far. :)

    Have fun at the party! I have my daughter's baptism on Sunday... so parties all around!

  2. Yeah, I am actually getting used to getting up at 6 and working out. This morning at 5:45, I just woke up and was like "oh I don't hav eot workout its a rest day" and I was kinda disappointed. lol. But I got up anyway! Tomorrow starts my hybris. Ready to see how that is gonna go!