Thursday, August 12, 2010

Needed dynamite under my bed....

Ok well this morning did not go so well....ugh...I have been getting up every morning for a week between 5:30 and 6am and getting my workouts in. I also started my Insanity month 2 and CLX Hybrid on Monday. So Monday I get up at 5:30 and get with it, I do CLX Push 1 and it is awesome...granted its a little short in comparison to Insanity, so I decided I would add in my Insane Abs on my Push days. So Tuesday I get up at 5:30, jump up out of bed and go for my Max Interval Circuit..Ok so I burned like 700 and something calories that was unreal. So Wednesday comes and I get up again at 5:30 and do CLX Push 2 and Insane Abs.. Still got a great burn and really enjoyed it. So fast forward to today....

So my alarm goes off at 5:30...I turn it off..It goes off again at 6, again I turn it off, then it goes off at 6:15. So I drag myself out of bed this time, the whole time thinking "I don't wanna work out, I wanna SLEEP"...But I go and turn on Max Cardio COnditioning...The Month 2 equivalent of Pure Cardio (which me and Laura both called nick named "pure hell") I start off and I will say my heart just wasn't in it. I rested alot and then was mad at myself because I only burned 378 calories. So I paid for not pushing myself, but at least I did do it...

So then I proceed to get ready to go take the kids (ALL 3 of them) to finish up our school shopping. As I am getting ready my 2 year old decides to grab my curling iron and burned to fire out of her hand. So I spent an hour holder her while she cryed trying to figure out what to put on her little burned hand. I ran cool water over it and luckily a girl from church was here and called her mom (who works in the medical field) and she said to put ice on it and sent over some silvadine cream. So after we put the cream on and wrap it up good, I am thinking about calling off the shopping trip and Cheyanne is crying "no moma, me go, me go, me go" So needless to say we went on to town to finish up our shopping and she is fine. Aside from the big blister on her thumb you can't even tell it. So I think she is ok.

Now to add in the potty training, with her thumb hurting she can't pull her panties up so when she goes to potty she yells at me to help her pull up her panties..its actually really cute. She says "momma me oww oww owww". SO anyway, I guess overall it turned out to be a pretty good day , but it sure did start out rough..

Hope everyone is having a great day! and has a great tomorrow..I will be up at 5:30 pushing play on Push 3 and Insane Abs... Join me in wowy, would you?


  1. Awww... poor baby. Burns HURT! Eventhough you didn't get a great calorie burn... the fact that you got up and did it is all that matters! Keep it up girl!!