Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Super excited...

ok guys! I am so super excited today! I signed my second beachbody coach and will be and Emerald Coach by Monday! She is just as on fire as I am and I think together we can do great things!

Today I did CLX Push 2 and I ran 2 miles. I decided to add some cardio to my weight training days. And I am gonna do another half marathon in November. So I have to get back to running along with my CLX and Insanity. I have had a really great few days and am doing so great!

If any of you out there think you might be interested in being a beachbody coach, let me know. I can walk you through it and be there every step of the way! I love doing it and am already making enough money to pay for my Shakeology every month plus some! So I am thrilled that in 6 weeks I have gotten this far. So thanks to everyone who has supported and and reads my blog! I love you all!


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